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There’s a couple of ways you can find out if your van is insured. Try checking your emails for any correspondence from insurance providers or your bank statements for direct debits. If you’re still unsure you can check with the Motor insurance database (M.I.D). Enter your vans registration number into their tool and it’ll tell you if you’re insured or not.

What you pay for your insurance policy depends on a number of things like your age, where you live and your driving history. Things about your van like how much it’s worth (its value), whether it has any modifications (things like exhausts, body kits or alloys), how powerful it is and whether it has any extra security systems can also affect the cost.

Commercial insurance is also known as ‘business use’ and lets you use the van for work if you’re making deliveries or transporting tools and equipment. Private insurance doesn’t cover using a van for work but lets you use the van for social, domestic or pleasure use.

Yes. Most insurers allow you to transfer a no-claims bonus between different types of vehicle but it can only be used on one vehicle or insurance policy at any one time. Some insurers might also give you discounts for taking out a second policy with them. Check with your insurer first to find out if they offer a discount like that.

No. Your no-claims bonus can only apply to one van at a time. Insurers may offer discounts on insuring a second van by mirroring your no-claims bonus. If you find an insurer that allows your no-claims bonus to be applied to a second van, there’s no guarantee of meeting their criteria. If this is important to you, it’s worth checking with the insurer directly before taking out a policy.

Insurers know younger van drivers tend to be less experienced than older drivers. They use historic claims data to find the groups of drivers more likely to have an accident and make a claim. Young drivers are one of these groups, so insurers adjust their insurance prices (usually higher) to cover the increased risk. Over time as you build up driving experience and NCB, your prices should start to come down. The type of van you drive can also affect how much you pay.

Yes you can normally add another driver to a van insurance policy. Just let your insurer know and they’ll ask for the second driver’s details. Remember though that if you add a less experienced driver your prices may go up. Some insurers might charge an admin fee too.

Yes. Many insurers offer multi-van insurance. Putting more than one van on the same policy can often be cheaper than insuring each one separately. Unfortunately, we don’t currently compare multi-van insurance but it’s something we’re hoping to offer in the future.

You normally need to be 21 or over but some insurers will allow drivers age from the age of 18 to be added to a policy. When you get a quote we’ll ask your date of birth so the list of prices you get back will be from insurers able to offer you van insurance based on your details.

To make getting a quote easier, we estimate the valuation of the van based on a few assumptions. If you disagree with the valuation you can enter it yourself manually.

If you’ve recently bought your van, you could use the price you paid for it as a guide. Be careful not to say it’s worth more than it is as this can affect the insurance price. If your van is stolen or written off it will generally be worth the market value at the time of the claim.

How to get cheaper van insurance

Not in a rush? Getting a quote 22 days before your van insurance policy is due to start could save you up to £571(2) compared to getting it on the day.

  • Don’t auto-renew
  • Build up a no-claims bonus (NCB)
  • Let know if you’re a member of a trade federation
  • Increase your voluntary excess
  • Add extra security
  • Choose an older van
  • Consider a black box policy
  • Use a dashcam while you drive

Don’t auto-renew your current policy. Staying with an insurer isn’t always the cheapest option, even if you haven’t had an accident or your details remain the same. This year’s renewal price can be more expensive than what you paid last year. To make sure you’re getting the best deal, compare prices before your policy is up for renewal.

Member of a recognised trade federation? Let the insurer know, they could offer a discount.

Increase your voluntary excess as prices may fall if you’re willing to pay a little more towards any claim.

Add extra security like a steering lock or immobiliser. Extra anti-theft devices make your van harder to steal and could also help lower your prices.

Choose an older, cheaper or less powerful van if you’re still looking to buy, as they tend to cost less to insure.

Consider black-box van insurance and use an app on your phone or have a small telematics device fitted to your van to monitor your driving. The insurer uses the information on how and when you’re driving to base your prices on, and reward good driving.

Use a dashcam while you drive to get a discount from some insurers. Discounts can vary and depend on you being able to supply footage following a claim.

2 Based on data, average top quoted price July-October 2019.

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