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We’re partnered with MyCarCheck to help you get the best and most comprehensive vehicle check.

MyCarCheck helps and protects you from buying a vehicle with a hidden history, like being a write-off, scrapped, stolen or having outstanding car finance.

We recommend buying their comprehensive check which includes all key data, outstanding finance, stolen, exported, scrapped, vehicle details, mot status & history and a valuation for just £9.99.

Never buy a used car without checking the vehicle’s history first. Start your journey to being car confident by buying a car check today.

Remember: free checks won’t tell you if it’s stolen! Every month, an average of 1,208 miss out as they don’t upgrade.

Data analysis from Oct ’19 to Jul ’20.



It’s never easy choosing your next car, a vehicle check can help you be confident you’re making the right choice. They help take the stress out of making that key car buying decision by providing you with the critical information you need.

Car Check


So which vehicle check is right for you? For your initial research the free Factsheet check is ideal. The Basic check is perfect for your shortlist and most importantly, before you buy, get a Comprehensive vehicle check to be completely car confident.



They tell you important information such as if the car is recorded as being stolen, written off, has a loan outstanding on it, and much more. All based on the latest information they’ve received from trusted sources like the Police, DVLA, MIAFTR and finance firms.

MyCarCheck reviews

Just the ticket

“Just the ticket! Gave me piece of mind before purchasing. You can’t afford not to do a HPI check when purchasing!”

David Garwood – (Sept 2020)

First Class Service

“Best thing I done to use this service giving me an in depth history of a car I was interested in.”

John Cunningham –  (Feb 2019)

Excellent Service

“Excellent service very good I have been using it since last couple of times and I’m really happy with it”

mughal123 –  (May 2018)

Need more help?

A good quality vehicle check (also known as DVLA check, HPI check or Reg check) will reveal details about a vehicles life that the seller might not tell you. With 1 in 3 used cars checked by ‘MyCarCheck’ having a hidden history, there’s a chance the vehicle you’re looking at might have outstanding finance running into thousands. It may have been written off, clocked or even stolen. Motor dealers have been using vehicle checks for many years to confirm if cars are ‘clear’. So, considering the implications of safety, legal or financial ‘red flags’, can you afford not to know the facts? Types of essential vehicle check data are: • Outstanding finance • Stolen • Written off • Scrapped • Exported • Imported • Colour change • Number plate change

With ‘MyCarCheck’ the good news is you don’t need to save a vehicle check. They’ve made sure that as soon as you’ve done the vehicle check its automatically saved to your account. The cool thing is you can access the report at any time in ‘my checks’ on their website. Even better it won’t get removed unless your account is closed.

All the vehicle checks you purchase from ‘MyCarCheck’ are saved to your ‘my checks’ area. Log in to your account via their website then make your way to the ‘my checks’ area. The ‘my checks’ section will list all your previous vehicles checks. If you had previously purchased checks on the old MyCarCheck website, they can run a fresh check against that vehicle reg when you click to claim your old checks. If that vehicle’s reg is still able to be looked-up MyCarCheck will provide a new report with refreshed data.

Unfortunately, the UK Government doesn’t allow this data to be publicly available. If you think you’ve got a reasonable cause to access this information you can request it from the DVLA using form V888. Examples of reasonable cause • finding out who was responsible for an accident • tracing the registered keeper of an abandoned vehicle • tracing the registered keeper of a vehicle parked on private land • giving out parking tickets • giving out trespass charge notices • tracing people responsible for driving off without paying for goods and services • tracing people suspected of insurance fraud

Accidents involving vehicles are an everyday occurrence and most of these don’t lead to an insurance write-off. Accidents reported to insurers may be deemed safe and financially economical to repair. When this happens you won’t see this recorded on a vehicle check, insurers don’t share this information. A minor accident might not be reported to an insurer so it could have been repaired at the previous owner’s expense. Only very honest sellers are likely to share this. A vehicle check will provide details if the accident damage was a write-off category (A, B, C, D, S, N) or if it has been scrapped or destroyed.

MyCarCheck get regular updates from their data suppliers and your vehicle check will tell you the latest information they’ve received about the vehicle at the time it’s created. Surprisingly this can change as soon as the next day. It’s especially important for serious warnings such as stolen, write-off or outstanding finance.

Who are MyCarCheck?

Owned by CDL Vehicle Information Services (CDL VIS), MyCarCheck is one of the UK’s leading consumer vehicle check providers. Since being founded in 2005, to provide affordable vehicle checks, millions of car registration checks have been carried out, saving countless motorists from making expensive used car mistakes. MyCarCheck can also be used to carry out checks on vans, lorries and motorcycles.

MyCarCheck Close Industry Relationships

For stolen car check records and other vital Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) car check data, they work closely with the Police and the DVLA.

For car write-off check data, they work with organisations including the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB).

For car finance check data, they work with multiple finance companies and lenders to ensure that vehicles with outstanding debt recorded against them are flagged.

For car mileage check data, to guard against clocking, they work with the National Association of Motor Auctions (NAMA), among others. MyCarCheck is committed to reducing car crime and works with all UK law enforcement, National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (NaVCIS) and International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) to highlight vehicle crime trends and promote effective cross-border strategies to tackle them.

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