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Van Gap Insurance
ALA Insurance

We’re partnered with ALA Insurance to help you get the best van GAP Insurance.

GAP Insurance covers the shortfall between what you paid for your van and the insurance pay out should you be unfortunate enough to make a total loss claim.

If your van is stolen, involved in an accident or damaged by fire or floods and your insurance company declares it a write off, they will settle at the value of the van at the time, this can leave you out of pocket by thousands of pounds.

ALA Insurance is an FCA authorised company that are able to offer the best gap insurance policies developed with their extensive knowledge of the insurance market.

Don’t get caught out – protect your investment with ALA GAP Insurance today.

What ALA Insurance offer

GAP Insurance

GAP Insurance

GAP Insurance pays the difference between what you paid for your van and the insurance pay out.

Cycle Insurance

Cycle Insurance

Cycle insurance cover gives you that complete peace of mind should the worse happen to your bicycle.

RAC Warranty

RAC Warranty

RAC van warranty can help and protect you against many common faults to give you full peace of mind.

ALA Insurance reviews

“I had a very good experience with ALA Insurance. The lady I spoke to was very good and answered all my questions. Their rates are extremely competitive.”

Maureen (April 2023)

“Great communication and fantastic service , the gap insurance was so straightforward to set up and I had confirmation and assistance whilst doing so! Thank you so much”

Tyra M (April 2023)

Van GAP Insurance FAQ

Back to Invoice:  You have up to 180 days to purchase a policy, or up to 365 days if your van was brand new when you purchased it and you have had new van replacement (new for old) cover from your motor insurer for the first 12 months.

Contract Hire GAP Insurance: You have up to 365 days after taking delivery of your van to purchase a policy.

Vehicle Replacement: You have up to 90 days after taking delivery of your van to purchase a policy – the vehicle must be less than 7 years old and have covered less than 80,000 miles at the policy start date.

If you have purchased a van more than 365 days ago or have bought it from a private seller, you can purchase an Agreed Value GAP policy at any time, as long as the van is less than 10 years old and has covered less than 100,000 miles.

Van GAP insurance cannot be renewed or extended yearly or at the end of the policy. For this reason ALA suggest that the GAP policy should last for as long as you plan to keep your van.

Vehicle Replacement and Back to Invoice GAP insurance policies can be purchased for up to a maximum of 4 years.

Contract Hire and Agreed Value GAP policies can be purchased for up to 5 years.

ALA Insurance understand that it can be difficult to know how long you might keep your van. For this reason, if you change your van before the policy expires, they will provide you with a daily pro rata rebate of the original premium which can be used in one of two ways:

  1. The whole amount can be used as a credit against a brand new policy on a new vehicle. There may be a balance to pay but no admin fees are charged.
  2. They can refund the rebate amount to you, but this would be subject to a £35.00 cancellation fee.

The insurers of all policies provided by ALA are authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and your policy is protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Any person driving your van is covered by your van GAP policy as long as they are a named driver on your comprehensive motor insurance policy.

Anyone driving your van under their own motor insurance or on a temporary/short term motor insurance policy will not be covered by an ALA GAP policy.

Yes, provided your motor insurer extends fully comprehensive cover to Europe (rather than the minimum insurance requirement for that country which, can sometimes be third party only) and you comply with any restrictions your Fully Comprehensive Policy enforces for a UK registered and domiciled vehicle, then the GAP Insurance will be valid.

Please note that commercial GAP Insurance only pays out if the primary insurer accept the insured loss under a fully comprehensive policy.

The figure shown in the gap insurance quote is the full premium for the term of cover selected, and represents the total cost for the policy.

If you choose to spread the cost of the policy and pay by Direct Debit, the premium is subject to a credit charge of 12.95%.

What is van GAP Insurance?

GAP stands for Guaranteed Asset Protection. There are several specific types of commercial GAP insurance but the overall purpose of this type of cover is to protect you financially in the event of a total loss claim.

  • Finance GAP Insurance: One of the simpler products available, this policy is often attached to other forms of coverage as part of a package. Designed to fulfil any outstanding finance repayments of a van that’s been written off, it doesn’t tend to extend to payments concerning negative equity.
  • Negative Equity GAP Insurance: A more comprehensive offer compared to the Finance Gap Insurance, this policy will concern those whose loan amount is higher than the cost of their van. Occurring when somebody has part-exchanged a van before the finance has been paid off – transferring the remaining amount on to their new deal – this insurance will cover that historical debt.
  • Return to Invoice GAP Insurance: Also known as Back to Invoice, this policy will bridge the gap between your van insurance pay out – which will fluctuate depending on the current value of the van at the time of the claim – and the amount you bought the van for, which may prevent you from being left severely out of pocket. This can often be purchased combined with Finance GAP Insurance.
  • Vehicle Replacement GAP Insurance: This policy aims to provide the difference between your van insurance policy pay out and the cost of replacing your van with a new one (if it was brand new originally). A good purchase for those who have received discounts or contributions from the dealer when purchasing their van, and are concerned that they may not receive the same level of discount for the same van following a write off.
  • Return to Value GAP Insurance: Not too dissimilar to the Invoice GAP Insurance option, and often called Agreed Value GAP Insurance, rather than provide the same sum that you originally paid for the van, it pays out the difference between your van insurance settlement and the value of your van at the time you purchased it. More of an option for those who’ve bought the van from a private seller rather than a garage or owned the vehicle for a long time.
  • Lease GAP Insurance: This is also known as Contract Hire GAP Insurance. If you have leased your van rather than buying it, this will be the most appropriate option for your financial situation. Due to lease agreements having so many pre-determined repayments – which are usually required to be paid if the agreement is terminated early – these can prove incredibly expensive if something was to happen to the van. Lease GAP Insurance aims to cover all of that worry, providing enough to satisfy any remaining repayments. With modern leasing, there is often a large deposit required at the start of the contract, and you can choose to protect this as part of your GAP insurance.

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