Temporary Van Insurance

We’re partnered with Cuvva to help you find temporary van insurance.

They’re the people behind radically better van insurance.

Cuvva is award-winning insurance that’s hassle-free and fit for the future. They’ve made it easy to get flexible short term van insurance cover in minutes. Everything is managed in their app, from buying your insurance policy to their unbeatable 24/7 customer support.

Cuvva is backed by leading investors, including LocalGlobe, Seedcamp, Techstars, Tekton and Breega. And they’re excellent on Trustpilot too. ⭐️

Cuvva is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. (#690273)

From 1 hour to 28 days

Hourly Van Insurance

Hourly Insurance

For running errands, popping to see friends, or sharing the driving.

Daily Van Insurance

Daily Insurance

For moving house, weekend breaks, and those all-important trips to IKEA.

Weekly Van Insurance

Weekly Insurance

For staycations, the North Coast 500, or while your own van is in the garage.

Cuvva reviews

Simply the best

“Great, easy well altogether brilliant, simple to extend insurance, keep up the good work guys”

Keith Hurley –  (9 Jan 2022)

Fantastic service

“Fantastic service, easy to use covered instantly and the cheapest price you will find online.”

Uzair Kazi –  (2 Dec 2021)


“Excellent, cannot say anything else. Easy to use, instant insurance and great customer service.”

Ryan Rafferty – (15 Nov 2021)

Need more help?

You can get a quote on their website. This doesn’t take long – just select temporary van insurance, then enter a few basic details.

Once you’ve got a quoted price, they’ll text you a link which you can use to download the Cuvva app. You’ll need to be on the app to buy a policy.

You can use Cuvva to insure most UK-registered cars and vans, as long as it’s in insurance group 40 or lower, and valued at less than £40,000.

But there are some exceptions, and some other types of vehicle that they can’t cover yet.

Just so you know, the rules can be a bit different for pay-monthly insurance. Check out their pay-monthly vehicle requirements.

The app takes a lot of things into account when working out your quoted price. The ones that usually make the biggest difference are:

Your age: Younger drivers tend to pay more for van insurance than older drivers. And generally, the more driving experience you have, the lower your price will be.

Your driving history: Things like claims, accidents, and licence points can make your van insurance more expensive.

Your vehicle: Insurers place all UK-registered vehicles into insurance groups. Faster, more expensive vans are usually in higher groups, so insuring them can be more expensive. Less powerful vans, or those with more safety features, often cost less to insure.

Your location: Insurers use local claims data and crime statistics to work out the most accurate pricing for drivers in that area.

By using the “what affects your price” button to compare quotes taken out at different times and locations, you may be able to find out where and when they’re able to offer you the cheapest prices.

Just show them your policy documents. You’ll get a copy of these by email, as soon as you pay. If you can’t access your documents, their customer support team can send you a new copy – as long as you have an active policy with them.

Once the police have seen your policy documents, there’s rarely an issue. But if there is, just ask them to give them a call. They should be able to find their number on their database.

Their claims process is handled by their underwriters. So if you’re involved in an accident, or need to make a claim, you should contact them directly (as soon as possible).

They work with different underwriters, so not every policy will have the same claims number. You can find the claims number for your policy in your policy documents.

If you can’t access your documents, their customer support team should be able to find the right number for you. they’re available 24/7 in the app, or you can email them.

If you run out of time on your temporary van insurance policy, you can extend it from the app.

To avoid any last minute panics, we recommend making sure you’ll have enough battery for your trip, or that you have a charger with you.

You can get van insurance on a vehicle with private registration plates, even if you’ve only just changed them over.

Once you’ve registered your new plates with the DVLA, it usually takes a few weeks for them to update their systems with your new plates.

But they can usually update your plates on their system, so that you can still get insured with them while you’re waiting for that to happen.

To buy vehicle tax, your van will need to be insured.

That’s because UK law requires a vehicle to be insured all the time (with at least third-party cover), even when you’re not driving it.

So when you tax your van, the tax authorities will check the Motor Insurance Database to see if you’re insured.

You can tax your van with temporary insurance
The good news is that you can use our temporary insurance to tax your van- as long as your policy details show up on the Motor Insurance Database (MID).

Their temporary car insurance policies cover you for SDP (social, domestic, pleasure), commuting, and class 1 business use.

This means that you can:

Use your car to drive to and from work
Drive to other places for business (that aren’t where you usually work)
As well as driving for leisure.

The Cuvva Story: a better kind of insurance

They believe in radically better

The insurance industry works on outdated and impersonal processes, which means people get treated unfairly. And they were fed up of hearing ‘that’s just the way things are’. So they built Cuvva.
Cuvva works with a customer-first approach in everything from their tech stack to their compliance team. They’re building their Cuvva community to listen to the problems their customers are facing. And they’re not fans of hold-music either – you can always chat to them whenever you need to.

Flexibility, now and forever

Flexibility means the freedom to get wherever you need to, whenever you want. Cuvva is designed to suit your lifestyle, from just 1 hour to rolling monthly cover. Get temporary car or van insurance, learner driver and subscription insurance in their app.

Fair foundations

Insurance should be about protecting people, not premiums and percentages. So Cuvva focuses on finding fair solutions and offering 24/7 customer support, not balancing the books and leaving people to fall through the cracks.

Fit for the future

Wherever you’re going, they’ll help you get there. Cuvva is built with the future in mind, using technology to unlock fairer prices and better experiences.

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