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At MotorHype we have made it easy for motorbike enthusiasts to find upcoming UK motorbike events, shows and festivals from all over the UK, from large-scale motorbike shows to social meetups with like-minded motorbike enthusiasts.

Whether you are looking for adrenaline-fuelled track days, social meets, the latest motorcycle reveals, or just a family fun day out at a motorbike festival, we have something for everyone. 

We have made it even easier to see what events are coming up with our motoring event calendar. With this, you can keep track of upcoming motorcycle shows & events.

Why use MotorHype for motorbike events?

MotorHype allows event organisers to advertise their motorbike events for free. This means that you will find many motorbike shows and events that you might not be able to find on other websites where only larger-scale events are able to advertise. 

Finding motorcycle events has never been easier with MotorHype. We have an advanced search feature where you can find motorcycle shows, events and festivals by category, date, location, or use the ‘within _ miles’ feature. This can narrow down the motorcycle events for you and only show you ones that you will be interested in.

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Motoring event calendar

May 2024

Motorbike events, shows & festivals in the UK

Throughout the year there is an abundance of motorbike shows and events hosted all over the UK. However, most of these are held in the summer months due to the warm weather, so you will have plenty to do on your weekends and holidays each year. From ride-outs and autojumbles to amazing stunt shows and racing events, there is something for everyone.

Motorbike racing events

One of the most popular type of events are motorbike racing events. These shows draw in large crowds to watch amateurs and professionals race their motorbike around different types of tracks. It is a great day out for those who love speed and enjoy the competitiveness of the day. Some of these motorcycle events will invite members of the public to bring their motorbike and race to, so there are opportunities to get involved yourself.

Motorcycle festivals

Motorbike festivals are the greatest way to enjoy the summer sun. As there is an increasing amount of younger people enjoying motorbikes, the demand for motorbike festivals has increased. Here you can often find live music, food stalls, motorcycle displays and much more.

Motorbike Stunt shows

Stunt shows are not for the faint hearted. They are adrenaline packed motorbike events that can often be dangerous but fascinating to watch. Motorcycle riders will fly over or under obstacles, drive round in cages and jump off vertical walls. Motorbike stunt shows pop up all over the UK and can be a great day out for all.

Motorcycle Ride outs

Organised ride out motorbike events are an opportunity for those with motorcycles to all meet up and ride around the open roads together. Usually at these motorbike events you all meet somewhere, drive on planned routes and then stop for some food and drink afterwards. It is a great way to meet similarly minded motorbike enthusiasts and can be a fun way to enjoy your motorbike.

Motorbike Autojumbles

Autojumbles are motorbike events where visitors can look around stalls and find some vintage treasures that they can either use on their motorbike or just have as memorabilia. However, it is more than a lazy Sunday looking around some old bits and bobs, it is a place where like-minded people can meet to hunt for treasure, discover historic motorcycles and have a nostalgic look back through motorcycling history.

Motorbike Classic displays

Classic motorbike displays are what they say on the tin. These motorbike events showcase old classic motorcycles. People can bring their own motorbike to showcase, or they can just enjoy having a look at others. Food and drink stalls are often found at these motorcycle events and sometimes there are workshops on how to restore your classic motorbike.

Have you never been to motorbike event before and been wondering where to find motorcycle shows near me? then why not browse through some of the UK motorbike events and shows advertised on MotorHype and go along to see what all the fuss is about. If you are someone who loves motorbike festivals and attends regularly then you can find more local motorcycle shows near you.

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