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Motorbike event advertising

Each year MotorHype has hundreds of events listed by organizers for motorbike events. If you are hosting a motorbike event and would like to advertise it to the thousands of visitors MotorHype gets monthly then all you need to do is enter some basic information, including the event details and some accompanying pictures.

It is free to advertise an event, or you can upgrade to a featured listing to stand out from the rest.

Click the button below to create you listing.

Why use MotorHype to promote bike events?


MotorHype allows you to advertise your motorbike shows to thousands of people. It can help with visibility and bring in more customers. It is free to list an event, or you are able to upgrade to a packed deal.

No matter how big or small your event is. You can create an event advert in under five minutes, with our easy-to-use listing creator.

Why not try creating your first motorbike event listing today?

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Motorbike event advert FAQ

Yes, it’s completely free to advertise motorbike events with the free event listing option however we would recommend upgrading to take advantage of your event being featured and listed for a longer period of time. 

Motorbike event listings usually appear instantly however it can take up to 24 hours if it needs to be manually approved.

Yes, you can create an organizer profile page quick and easily through your event dashboard by clicking the + symbol under the organizers tab or you have the option when listing an event.

We have 6 options to choose from:

FREE Event Listing
Duration: 30 days

STANDARD Event Listing
£24.99 inc VAT
Listings: 1 x
Duration: 90 days

PREMIUM Event Listing
£39.99 inc VAT
Listings: 1 x
Duration: 182 days

SILVER Event Package
£199.99 inc VAT
Listings: 6 x
Duration: 365 days

GOLD Event Package
£349.99 inc VAT
Listings: 12 x
Duration: 365 days

UNLIMITED Event Package
£499.99 inc VAT
Listings: Unlimited
Duration: 365 days

Tips on advertising your motorbike event

Know your event

Before you create your listing, you need to make sure you have all the correct details for it. Gather this information and anything you think you will need to be put into the advert, especially start and end times and the date of the event. The more information you can provide the better.

Create an image or banner to go with your advert

You need to create an engaging image that you can attach to your advert. This image will be showcased on our website and could be what draws in potential attendees. Take your time to create this yourself or hire someone with good technical skills to do this for you. Make sure you have the most important information available on this image, like time and date. Ensure that there is a good image background that showcases what the event will do.

Who are your target audience?

When writing the description and creating the image for your event, think about the type of people you are trying to appeal to. What information would they be interested in knowing about the event that is going to get them to visit. If you are trying to draw in adrenaline junkies, maybe have an image of a fast car or a racing car. If your event is more family-friendly, show this through your advert.

Make use of the tags feature

There is a tag feature on MotorHype that allows visitors to search events by certain words. Advertisers are advised to use these and to put as many tags as they can to ensure there events are showing up as often as possible. Think about what words could be used to search for a motorbike event like yours.

Share on your social media accounts

After you have created the advert on MotorHype, share the link to those on your social media accounts. This is another great way to get your advert out there and seen by more people. You will be surprised by how many motorbike enthusiasts that you know without even realising.

Keep the advert going

Keep the advert up until the day of the event. Sometimes people don’t decide to come until last minute, so it is worth keeping your advert up as long as you can. This will allow more people to see it and will bring in more visitors.

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