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How to create a great motorbike advert
How to create a great motorbike advert

How to create a great motorbike advert

17 March 2021

Creating a successful advert for your used motorbike that you are selling is not particularly hard, but it needs to be effective in order to reach as many people as possible. There are some factors you need to consider and do before you even write the advert. Having a good advert can ensure that you have the best chance of selling your motorbike and doing so at a fantastic price. Below we have listed somethings you need to remember when writing a motorbike advert.

Only include relevant information

Keep it short and sweet. People don’t want to read long chunks of unnecessary text, so only include the information that is important for the buyer to know. Avoid using any abbreviations or jargon, as most people looking for a motorbike won’t understand this.

When creating your advert be sure to include the following:


Finding out a motorbike’s milage is more complicated than on a car or a van, however it is super important to include in your advert. If you don’t know how to find the milage then do some research. Once you have figured it out, round it to the nearest thousand and list it in your advert. If you are still going to be using the motorbike whilst the advert is running, make sure you mention that the mileage may rise.

Year of registration

People often like to know the year the motorbike was registered. You should be able to find this out in your paperwork or from your number plate.


Colour is a really important thing to put in the listing. Even if you are providing pictures in the advert, you still need to ensure that you list it in either the description or a specific field the advert might have for it. This means it will show up if someone narrows down their search or searches for a particular colour.

Service and MOT history

It is really important that you include that the motorbike has been MOT’d. If it was quite recent, then ensure to put the date, as this will be a good selling point for the buyers, as they will know they won’t have to get it MOT’d for a while.

Number of owners

Buyers often want to know how many people have owned the motorbike before. The more people that have owned it the less value it will have, however this won’t affect whether you will be able to sell it or not. If the motorbike has had any notable owners, then be sure to write them down as this could allow you to sell it for more.

List of equipment or features

In the description, write down any notable features that the motorbike has. You don’t need to include things that are common or expected. If your bike has any rare features that you believe should be pointed out, then be sure to do that. You can even work that notable feature into the title, if you think it would help the bike sell more and entice more people into clicking the advert.

Damage or faults

Often, people don’t like to list any damage or faults there are with the motorbike, but if you don’t this is just wasting the potential buyers time and yours. If you are up front and honest straight away, you know that everyone who contacts you is still interested in the bike even after knowing that information.


You have probably thought of a price you would like to sell the bike for before creating the advert. Make sure that this price is realistic. Do research to find out what other similar bikes are selling for. If you set your price too high, people will be put off and won’t be interested. If you are open to negotiations, it might be worth writing that in the motorbike advert so that people aren’t put off if it isn’t the exact price they want to pay. You can value your motorbike by entering your registration here.

Contact details

Listing your contact details correctly in the motorbike advert is extremely important. If you forget to do this or put the wrong details down, people won’t be able to get in touch with you and the advert will be useless. It is best to leave a few different contact methods, such as an email and a phone number, so that if someone can’t contact you through one form they can via the other.


Including pictures of the motorbike is very important. It allows people to see what it looks like and get an idea of whether they want to buy it or not. Take the pictures in good lighting and in a good location. Ensure that you get multiple different angles of the motorbike, so people are able to see the whole thing. If there is any damage to the bike, include a photo of this. Again, being transparent is only going to be a good thing in the long run. If you don’t include any photos in your advert, people are likely to not take you seriously and might feel like you are hiding something.


When creating your advert keep it as short and as simple as possible. Include all the important things that someone would be looking for in the advert and when people get in touch, reply to them as soon as you can.

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