How to create a great car advert
How to create a great car advert

How to create a great car advert


Writing a car advert yourself isn’t a particularly hard task, however there are some things you can do to make sure it is the best it can be. It is important to have a good advert, to give you the best chance at selling your car at a fantastic price. Below we have listed somethings you need to remember when writing a car advert.

Keep it short and sweet

Most people don’t want to have to read a long chunk of text to find out everything they need to know, so keep it short and just include all of the relevant information. Avoid using any abbreviations or jargon, as most people looking for a car won’t understand this.

When creating your advert be sure to include the following:


Mileage is something you need to find out and write in your advert. Round it to the nearest thousand. If you are still using the car, be sure to mention that milage may rise.

Year of registration

People often like to know the year the car was registered. You should be able to find this out in your paperwork or from your number plate.


This one is self-explanatory, but colour can be very important for buyers. Even if you are putting pictures up, you still need to ensure that you list it in either the description or a specific field the advert might have for it. This means it will show up if someone narrows down their search or searches for a particular colour.

Service and MOT history

State what work the car has had done to it in the past, including the results of any recent MOTs. Cars sell better if they have had a recent MOT where the car has passed, so if you have one of those be sure to write it in the advert.

Number of owners

It is important to list how many owners the car has had as this is something that people want to know before buying. If the car has had any notable owners, then be sure to list them.

List of equipment or features

Be sure to list out any of the notable features the car has. You can leave out the basics like ‘windscreen wipers’ which is expected of most cars. If your car has a rare feature that you believe should be pointed out then do this in the description, but don’t use too many words to describe it. You can also add whatever feature it is into the title if you believe it is important for them to know straight away and might make people click on the advert in the first place.

Damage or faults

You should also make sure that you mention any damage or faults the car may have in the description. Again, keep it brief, but it must be mentioned so that the potential buyer knows exactly what they are getting into and you don’t waste your or their time.


Hopefully by the time you have thought about creating your advert you have thought about what price you would like to sell the car for. Be realistic with this and do some research into what your car could go for. If you are open to negotiations, it might be worth writing that in the car advert so that people aren’t put off if it isn’t the exact price they want to pay. You can value your car for free by entering your registration on the My Car Check website.

Contact details

This is arguably the most important part of the car advert. Make sure you list your contact details correctly so that people can get in touch with you if they are interested in the car. Perhaps leave an email and phone number so that if you aren’t contactable by phone, they can drop you an email.


Pictures of your car are very important to include in your advert, so that people can see what the vehicle looks like. If you don’t have photos in your ad, then this could put people off as they might feel you are hiding something. Ensure the pictures you take of your car show it off in a good light and makes people want to buy it.


When creating your advert keep it as short and as simple as possible. Include all the important things that someone would be looking for in the advert and when people get in touch, reply to them as soon as you can.

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