Reviewing the Kia Proceed
Reviewing the Kia Proceed

Reviewing the Kia Proceed


A newly touched up estate version of one of Kia’s best-selling cars, the Proceed offers extreme practicality and comfort. Unlike some of Kia’s models a decade ago which looked out of touch with the 21st century, the updated styling of the Proceed keeps the brand flowing and within modern automotive design standards we all should expect.

The £25,080 starting price certainly puts it up there with its rivals such as the Volkswagen Golf estate and Ford Focus Estate models. We shall explore the model line-ups and the best all-rounder, does it have enough to compete with the long-standing brands, or does it fall short?

A little history on the Ceed, originally was developed specifically for the European market in 2006 and has had its time under the microscope claiming fame as the ‘reasonably priced car’ that Top Gear drove around their celeb guests in, whilst also being mocked for it’s unusual naming style which included an apostrophe in its name. However, it has come a long way since then and a few model refreshes and binning the Cee’d nameplate, the Korean car of today is much more appealing.

The best models to buy. 

The ‘not so basic’ model.

Starting at the bottom, the Proceed GT-Line offers a myriad of standard options including 10.25” screen with Navigation, reversing camera, heated front seats and steering wheel and comes in at a touch over that £25,000 price tag. With this you get a 1.5 Turbo Petrol engine that puts out an impressive 158 horsepower, with silver as the standard colour option. This is perhaps an excellent choice for those that are sticking to a lower price tag as the equipment list is so long.

Red hot GT.

Coming in at over £4,000 more is the upgraded GT. This boasts a set of 18inch wheels and faux suede seats with red stitching which holds you tight around the corners. The GT has an overall meaner look with subtle red trim pieces that makes the car stand out in a carpark on your shopping run. It is the one to go for if you are a sports car fan that wants that extra practicality.

The middle of the road, best of both.

How about the best all-rounder, something that caters for all your needs? Well in this case, it might seem appropriate to mention the GT Line S, but this is also the same price point as the GT. Being around the £29,000 figure it seems strange to call it the middle spec. But hold that thought as it has much more to offer. Sliding glass sunroof, digital cluster display, automatic tailgate with a smart adaptive cruise control system that makes driving the car almost redundant! It is the #1 choice for any tech heads as it has the most options of any Proceed.

What about the driving feel?

The Auto shifting is smooth and refined, in normal driving mode however, the power at the top end struggles to overtake on a motorway or when you’re briskly taking a swooping corner. Sport mode shifts down too soon and feels wheezy when really pushing it, something that is more achievable in the dual clutch setups of its rivals.

The lowered, tightened suspension really makes long country roads the Proceed’s habitat. Holding you firm to the surface around even the tightest of corners and minimum body roll makes it feel comfortable at higher speeds. Around town can be a little trickier due to the larger size of the standard Ceed and can offer a noisier experience than you might expect in similar cars.

Our verdict at MotorHype

Overall, the GT-Line has an extensive amount of options that keeps you occupied for a long time, the suitable price means it is undercutting most of its rivals and the known reliability of the brand should not go a miss, we think it is a great all-rounder for comfort, practicality whilst adding a bit of Korean spice to your life!

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